Samuel Gates is a Los Angeles based creative with a love of all things digital.


Combers strives to create premium quality products with an eco friendly approach. Designed in southern California by surfers, for surfers. Established in 2014, Combers first produced fins, wax, and other surf accessories.


Sandbox is a traveling concert series that stretches from Santa Barbara to San Diego, California. Musicians include but are not limited to Arcade Fire, M. Ward, Grizzly Bear, and Beach House.

LA Gridlock

LA Gridlock is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that proposes change to the current Southern California traffic congestion by providing users a platform to contact their local legislature.

Collected By

Collected By is the studio of Los Angeles based lighting, furniture designer, and artist Jason Koharik that functions as an online catalogue for the brand.

Honda Research America

HRA or Honda Research America is the internal research, design, and development team behind the creation of all Honda Products.

Chicago Outlaws

The Chicago Outlaws are known as one of the most dangerous motorcycle clubs in America. Photographer and journalist Danny Lyon spent one year with the group riding and documenting their daily life.